If you are in the process of planning or building an apartment or a privet residence, and want to select your building’s finishing materials quickly, and from an endless assortment of high-end products, Basini’s method is definitely right for you.
Everything you need to complete your home: every type of flooring & cladding, sanitary ware, doors, kitchens & carpentry, lighting, aluminum, furniture for the home and garden, carpets, wall paper, even bed linen.
Personal import from China allows you direct access to the manufacturers, thus saving you a significant amount of time & money.Choosing from The best products in the world, the finest quality of goods and the endless array – makes for a unique and memorable shopping experience.No more months of running around in & out of stores, never ending deliberations about over-priced items and nerves.
The factories and suppliers you will buy from have American & European standards and regulations, most factories have ISO Certificates, and in-plant quality assurance array. We check each factory to make sure that they manufacture and sell goods to USA & Europe on a regular basis.
Basini Investments LTD. provides a full financial guarantee to the goods you will buy from the suppliers in China.
Basini Investments LTD. Combines expertise in the building process as well as professional experience importing from China, where we have established offices, warehouses. We will perform quality control on all your goods, making sure you get what you paid for. We provide financial guarantee to our clients.
Basini preforms quality control and checks 100% of the goods you’ve purchased including; quantity, materials quality, size, color and every other detail needed. We guarantee complete compliance between the goods ordered and the goods received.
Our employees speak Hebrew and English, all have experience in the building industry, and they accompany you throughout the entire process, from planning and purchasing until the goods arrive at your home.
Unfortunately we do not accompany the purchase of a few items, we provide buying and quality control services for all your home contents.
Basini will collect all the goods you’ve purchased in China to our warehouse, sending it to your desired destination in sorted containers. We will make sure to connect you with a professional customs officer that will help you release the goods.

If you are interested in a complete China import package, you are welcomed to schedule a complimentary appointment with a Basini representative to receive all the information you need.