About Us

Basini – Israel’s leading company for direct import from China!

We guide and assist our clients to import all building finishing products: Stone, Ceramics, Parquet, Sanitary ware, Lighting, Home & Garden furniture and much more!BASINI’S Expert Carpentry Department will sort all your carpentry needs.  We accompany our clients in a China shopping trip or via catalog orders, while providing them with the best professional and personal attention.

We established purchasing and services offices in China, along with warehouses and logistic ongoing operations (supporting all processes from beginning to end). We take pride in our quality control mechanisms. Our own Israeli quality control staff uses a complex preset list of factors that are being checked and verified per product while still in China, making sure there are no errors. Therefore, all products arrive only after thoroughly checked and verified.We use a consolidated products shipping method, picking up the products from the various manufacturers, consolidating them efficiently into the containers while saving space and shipping expenses to our customers. We provide financial guarantee to our clients.
Basini Investments LTD was established by merging the knowledge and abilities of two firms: Ziggurat and WTACQ. Ziggurat holds construction engineering abilities and extensive experience in the building industry. WTAQC has almost twenty years of trading experience in China, including quality control practice.

Basini Investments LTD - Owners
David Safran, Company President

Has extensive experience in the Chinese market. He established and managed a successful company focusing on marketing, import and procurement of goods from China. David is currently co-owner and chairman of WTAQC LTD, Which provides consulting services for commercial importing from China.Mr. Safran achieved his Business & Marketing degree from Bar-Ilan University, Tel-Aviv, Israel.Website: www.wtaqc.com

Shai Safran. Company CEO

Previously VP of a prominent import firm has proven skill and expertise in both logistics and international trade.Shai is co-owner and CEO of WTAQC LTD.Earned a BA degree in Economics & Business Management, College of Management, Rishon Le Zion, Israel.

Engineer Uzi Sela. Company Chairman

Has over 40 years of experience in initiating and managing building and engineering projects.Uzi is currently serving as a Director at several building technology companies.Mr. Sela has a Civil Engineering degree from the Technion, Haifa, Israel.
Website: http://www.zigguratsystems.com/

The combination of the two assures a flawless process and high-quality results to the satisfaction of our clients. 
Our company employs engineers, architects and interior designers along with trade and shipping personal, knowledgeable in the import process. We employ a large staff in our China office, Israelis and Chinese. This unique combination makes BASINI the perfect solution for importing building finishing products from China to any final destination all over the world. 

Successfully accomplished over 200 privet homes and commercial projects, our experience allows us to cooperate with most professional manufacturers, to the satisfaction of our customers. Our recommended manufactures also provide contemporary designs for all types of style, at low prices and high standard.